Skyline High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan - Real Problems.  Real Projects.  Real Clients.
10th Grade: 
Introduction to Public Policy:  Real world, project based study of local, state and national government, analyzed through through the lens of the latest policy related issues for the City of Ann Arbor, the state of Michigan and the USA.

Public Policy and the Media: Enhance your ability to read and understand information from a variety of sources.  Develop critical thinking, policy analysis, fiscal and budget analysis skills required for leadership in the non-profit world. Earn US Government credit as you explore current issues related to the public sector.

11th Grade:
Multimedia Production: Lights, Camera, Action!  Use the Legacies Oral History Project to learn or enhance your video production, interviewing and Final Cut editing skills. 

Broadcast Communication:  Develop professional level video production and video editing skills.  Learn an array of public relations tools so you can work with clients during the 12th grade year.

12th Grade:
Public Policy Internship:  What client needs your help getting their message to the public? Or are you ready for broadcast journalism on a professional scale?  Every CMPP senior has a real-world internship experience. Choose your path:  Public Relations/Digital Media, Broadcast Journalism, Documentary Filmmaking.  Develop teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

Digital Media and Effective Communication: Working as a team, provide public relations services to a local non-profit organization by working on a real problem and producing a real video project for a real client.  
Public Policy Research: What issues concern you the most?  Working on your own, focus on one issue and produce an effective, professional quality video that convinces the local audience to make a difference. Your work is screened by an audience of professionals in policymaking, marketing and public relations.

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